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One Day Class Description:
Rose Fans: The Block/The Process with Sue Garman

Sue Garman

Skill Level of Student: Confident Beginner to Advanced

Type of Class: Hand Appliqué

One of the most common questions that Sue is asked when she lectures or teaches, is “how do you get so much done?!” She is well-known for her productivity – but she knows that she isn’t necessarily the swiftest worker amongst a group of quilters. She’s just... well, take the class and learn the lessons she has gathered in over forty years of quilting. In this class, you will work on a 15-inch (finished size) “Rose Fan” block and learn how Sue does basic needle-turn applique, off-unit applique, reverse applique, layering, marking, and more. As you watch how Sue approaches her work, you will see how she masters projects in simple steps, leading to finished sub-units that can easily be assembled into beautiful finished blocks... and you just might learn how she gets so much done so effortlessly!

You will learn a variety of techniques and skills and will leave, confident that you can complete this pleasantly portable project on your own, whether it is a single block or a multi-block quilt.

Supply Fee: $15 (includes pattern, printed freezer paper templates, mylar, and a transparency overlay).

Main Conference Class Description:
Baltimore Glory: The Rose and Daisy Vase with Sue Garman

Sue Garman

Skill Level: Very confident beginner to Advanced

Type of Class: Hand Appliqué

This beautiful block and technique-filled class is one that everyone will love! A lovely bouquet of springtime flowers in an old-fashioned urn draped with applique beads is the centerpiece of Sue’s class, where you will work in a no-pressure environment of learning, inspiration, and joy. The Rose and Daisy Vase block is a 15-inch (finished size) block that is set on point, but for those who are not ready to tackle an on-point block, Sue will offer a modified version of this block that is not on point.

Sue’s extraordinary organizational skills will take you, step-by-step through the making of this block. You will learn Sue’s style of basic needle-turn applique, reverse applique, layered applique, off-unit applique, making smooth curves and “pointy points”, embellishment, and more. Sue’s easy techniques will amaze you as you see how she breaks applique down into small steps that are each easily achievable skill-builders that lead to relaxing sewing.

Supply fee: $15 (includes pattern, printed freezer paper templates, mylar, and a transparency overlay).

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