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One Day Class Description:
Yellow Basket

Rita Verroca

A little appliqué can go a long way. It can turn an ordinary basket into a work of art. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of working on a smaller project while stitching buds, layers flowers and reverse appliqué centers.

Rita will help you to coordinate your favorite colors and improve your sewing skills. The basic stitch, sharp points, skinny stems, smooth curves and frayless inverted shapes will be a breeze to sew so you can have fun stitching basket after basket.

Main Conference Class Description:
Betsy Ross

Rita Verroca

Legend has it that as the American colonies hurdled towards independence, George Washington, Robert Morris and George Ross, representatives of the Colonial Congress, appeared unannounced at Betsy Ross's upholstery shop and requested her help in creating a new standard for Britain's colonies recently united in rebellion. The group retreated into the parlor where the ingenious needlewoman noted that the six-pointed stars the general had in mind were more difficult to construct than five pointed stars. As seen in this block, Betsy Ross taking a piece of paper in hand and folding it demonstrated the fact with a quick snip of her scissors. Enjoy recreating this scene in Rita's class. Afraid or timid to draw the faces? No problem, Rita will draw them for you and they will be available in the kit she provides.

Companion blocks shown below.

Rita Verroca Rita Verroca

Rita Verroca

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