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Cynthia Collier

One Day Class Description:
Baltimore Childhood

Cynthia Collier

Finished block size: 20” x 20”

Baltimore Childhood is a papercut block with a toile inset designed especially for this Baltimore On The Prairie class. The versatile 20” size of the block will allow you to use it in the center of your own medallion style Baltimore Album quilt, finish it as a table topper, or simply border the block and finish it as a wall quilt. There will be several examples in class to inspire you and help you make your own choices. However you choose to finish Baltimore Childhood you will enjoy learning the process of choosing the right combination of chintz florals and toiles to insure success with scale and subject matter while honing your needleturn skills. Classroom time will be divided into time spent looking at the history of toiles, discussion of successful fabric choices, examining the class samples that will be available for inspiration, directions on how to construct the block, and techniques for perfecting your needleturn stitch while working on your own block.

A class kit containing all the fabrics you will need, including the French children toile used in the class sample, will be available for pre-order for a fee of $25.

Pre-requisite: confident needleturn skills

Main Conference Class Description:
Broderie Perse Baltimore Garden

Cynthia Collier

15”-16” finished block

Barbara Burnham, author of “Baltimore Garden Quilt,” has graciously given her permission for us to use her pattern designs in our class.

Broderie perse, a French appliqué term meaning Persian embroidery, was used frequently on chintz appliqué quilts being made in the first decades of the nineteenth century.

You will be using Block A3, “Amelia’s Rose Bush” to learn the technique of adapting a traditional Baltimore Album block design to broderie perse using some of today’s more contemporary fabrics while still maintaining a very traditional look to a design uniquely your own. You will be surprised and delighted at how quickly your block develops using template free techniques combined with some templates and your own individual design choices. I will also show you time saving ways to prepare your block for stitching without using overlays and marking your block before hand.

Classroom time will be divided between discussing a bit of the history of chintz (broderie perse) quilts, examining several modern day examples of quilts and fabrics, learning how to make successful design choices when chosing and pairing fabrics and patterns, as well as preparing and stitching your own Baltimore Garden block.

Pre-requisite: confident needleturn skills

A class kit will be available for pre-order for a fee of $25. For more information on the kit please refer to the supply list.

Cynthia Collier

Cynthia Collier

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